What if class were like a chat

This is right out of my eTech presentation.

If you have ever taken an online class with a chat component, the video should ring true.  Here are the points I made about chats in online classes.


  • Inefficient
  • Difficult for instructor to control
  • Difficult for students to follow
  • Painful if you type slow

I have never been in a chat that didn’t take three times as long as any other method of interaction. The quality of the conversation is usually poor because everyone is trying to reply as quickly as possible.

I am part of an Elluminate pilot at UF.  It is an expensive alternative, but the closest thing I’ve seen to a virtual face-to-face class.  It even works well from a dial-up connection.

Thanks to Buzz Dyer for taking the leading role in my chat video.

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4 Responses to What if class were like a chat

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  2. Think about what the teacher is trying to do: Give a prepared lecture in a chat without setting down the ground rules.

    A teacher sets the ground rules in a classroom. Why not in a chat?

    And why lecture anyway? All the information should have been distributed beforehand in a forum or wiki.

    So is the problem the technology or the instructor?

    –Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

  3. alvin says:

    The teacher is trying to answer an impromptu question asked by a student. In a chat something as simple as answering a question can be painfully difficult.

    Students are notorious for not playing by established rules, especially when they are outside the classroom. The chat environment is impossible control if a student chooses to act as demonstrated in the video.

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