A Little Too Happy

Once in a while I stroll over to Will Richardson’s blog just to see what’s going on. Today was one of those days. I read his post on Second Life and couldn’t help but laugh. Can we just end this whole Second Life thing? There is nothing worse than a virtual environment where every avatar is suppose to represent a real person… that can only communicate by typing on a keyboard.

Laughing in SL

I said (rather, I typed) something funny to someone in SL and got back a “LOL” in the chat dialog. Isn’t it bad enough that we can only chat with a keyboard and not with our real voices? Now I have to imagine that the virtual representation of someone I’m talking with is also laughing based on the fact that “LOL” was typed back to me. Shouldn’t the avatar grab his gut and roll around on the ground? Maybe there is a way to make the avatar do this and no one I have talked with knows how to do it. I could create a cheat sheet of all the body language needed in SL. Then when someone says (types) something funny I could say “PWWILAMCC”.

Please Wait While I Look At My Cheat Sheet… and then I could roll around on the ground laughing.

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One Response to A Little Too Happy

  1. Karen says:

    This was one of the biggest laughs I’ve had all week. Thanks. Now I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t get SL. 🙂

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