Efficiency Tip #106 – Shift-Right-Click CMD

rightclickcmd.pngHere is a short-cut that helps to solve a technical problem I have had for years.

There is no easy way to quickly create multiple folders.  Using the mouse requires a click on the New sub-menu and then selecting Folder from a long list of possibilities.  If you need to create multiple folders, it’s too slow.

Since the ’80s, the quickest way to make a folder utilizes the MD command.

md folder1
md folder2
md folder3

But the MD command requires the command prompt.  Before this short-cut, getting to the command prompt in a deep folder required a lot of typing. 

1 – go to the command prompt
2 – change to the desired drive
3 – CD to the correct folder

In Vista, a new Shift-Right-Click item has been added to Explorer.  From any folder a shift-right-click will give the option to open a command prompt in the current folder.


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