FlickLeech now with Creative Commons

I have been a big fan of Flickrleech for more than a year.  The site uses the Flickr API to search photos on the Flickr site.  The draw is the interface.  Instead of showing ten pictures per page, Flickrleech shows 200.  It makes scanning for a picture much quicker.

Now Flickrleech has added the ability to isolate only picture licensed as Creative Commons.  The feature isn’t obvious on the main page, but once you find it, it’s easy to use.

Do a normal search and then click the advanced search link.  This will open a window with a list of options.  Licenses are at the bottom.

There are six different Creative Commons licenses offered on Flickr.  If you would like to select more than one, hold down the CTRL key while making the selects.

After the search is complete, clicking any photo listed will open that photo on the official Flickr site.  That makes it easy to grab attribution credentials and other information.  The best Flickr search tool just got better.

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3 Responses to FlickLeech now with Creative Commons

  1. Daniel Smith says:

    Doesn’t work in Firfox. There is no advanced search link that I could find.

  2. Alvin Trusty says:

    I’m using Firefox and it works for me. The screen captures I did were in Firefox.

    I just checked it again. Here is what I noticed. If your browser window is not wide enough, the advanced link does not show up. I had to maximize my browser window. After that, the link was beside the Go button.

  3. Q5 Webdesign says:

    Flickrleech is amazing indeed! Wow Very cool! Also in firefox here!

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