How to Create a Great PowerPoint – Take 2.0

How to Create a Great PowerPoint – Take 2.0 from Alvin Trusty on Vimeo.

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  1. Daniel Smith says:

    Excellent update! I only wish two things: 1) that you would separate the two parts of your presentation so I can use it with my classes easier. I teach both presentations AND copyright, but presentations are at the end of the course and copyright is at the beginning. 2) that you would put back in the information about the NFL’s infamous copyright boondoggle and that lawyer that put the video back on YouTube.

    Thanks for posting and sharing your insights!

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Did you use Iranfan to create this screencast, Alvin, or something else? GREAT job.

  3. Alvin Trusty says:

    1 – When I use this material in class, I do separate it. For the eTech Ohio conference, few would come to a talk on copyright. Since I need content for the “how to create a presentation” part, the copyright material works well. 2 – I had too much material for the limited time at the conference. If I did it well last year, I chopped it out this year unless it was critical. I was also afraid that many people from last year would attend this year and I needed new stuff. That’s why I added the NOT FOR RESALE book to the mix. It falls in line with the NFL clip… which I also like a lot.

  4. Alvin Trusty says:

    Last year I did the screen capture with Windows Media Encoder.

    This year I used CamStudio.

    Both solutions are free.

  5. Matthew says:

    Thanks for this great presentation. Great info on what not to do with PowerPoint as well as how not to break the law! I am working on PowerPoint with my 5th grade students and I would like to show them parts of your show (giving you proper credit of course)! The Media Specialist and I are also always on the lookout for good copyright material so I would also like to use part of the presentation to show my staff when we do our refresher on copyright. May I have your permission to do so?

  6. Seth Dickens says:

    HI there Alvin,

    I too would definitely like to second that this is a GREAT video. My compliments!

    I would like to ask you tow things:

    a) Can I use you video in class with a group of 3rd grade students who are studying the Psychology of presentations

    b) have you ever considered also uploading your video to which is a community/wiki type way of having videos subtitled into different language. I would like to help add English subtitles to you video. What d’you think?

    Thanks again for sharing. This is a really useful video.


  7. Robert says:

    I found your video to be a real EYe opener. I am recntly new to blogging and I have found your use of the video within to be great. I am a middle school teacher and school technology leader in my school. I would really like to get my school and possibly the district into using blogs as an education tool.

    Your video on PPt’s is great. I had many profeesors in college that had every word that they said on the powerpoint and we still had to listen to them read it. What a bore. It is true as was said in powerpoint zen that you can and should leave the words out and sick with pictures that prove your point!!!

    If you have any ideas that i can use PLEASE do not hesitate to help!!!

  8. Nick says:

    Wow! I have used PowerPoint to do a few basic things. The tips and tricks you have shown in the video to me are pretty simple, however, they have such a dramatic effect on the presentation. When I say simple I mean I’ve seen all of these animations and paths in PowerPoint before. I just had never seen them used in such a combination. Your video doesn’t look like a PowerPoint presentation at all.

    I am curious about one thing. Did you use any video editor to sync your voice with the animations/slides or did you use the Narrator feature in PowerPoint. As for the video itself, did you use the camstudio to convert the presentation to a video? There is a site called that allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations and once uploaded you can download them as an mpeg.

  9. Kathy Price says:

    Terrific Video!! I’m just starting out with a lot of basics with technology. Teaching first grade, I wonder what things they are capable of doing and what things I would be doing a majority of the work. Your video has inspired me to work with a small select group of my class to design a PowerPoint. I think I could show them parts of your video as a teaching tool and go from there. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. ChemEdLinks says:

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