RemarkableOhio almost 500

Over the weekend we did a little travelling.  I promised my wife a night out of town and since we were already going across the state to pick one of the kids up at church camp, it seemed like the perfect time.

We stayed in a nice bed and breakfast called The Barn Inn in Holmes county.  We weren’t planning on doing much other than resting, eating (it is Amish country) and taking some pictures.  Then without even looking, an historical marker showed up in the middle of the Amish community.

On the way home, we were sitting at a red light in Loudonville when we saw this one.

Outside of Perrysville, we passed this one and I actually turned around and went back to get a good picture.

No one in the car seemed to mind stopping to take a picture since we weren’t really out to find these markers.  That’s the way we have been doing them this year.  We spent last summer driving all around to find them.  Now we find them naturally along the path to wherever we happen to be going.

When I added these three markers to Flickr I noticed the count is approaching 500.  There are some duplicates, but we have a lot of unique pictures. See them all here.

I should add one thing about that last picture.  A bird had left a nasty white mark over three lines of text.  The new version of Picasa easily removed the blemish.  If you haven’t looked at Picasa in a while, you should take another look.  I haven’t found another free picture manager that has nearly as many features.

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  1. Debbie S. says:

    I have a boatload of Remarkable Ohio historical marker signs to upload to Flickr; I’ll try to get to that soon! The kids have been bugging me to drive through Tallmadge Circle soon since we saw TWO there a few months ago but had no camera on us at the time. Beware introducing this project to kids – they will get very fixated on it!

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