Drawings with Picasa

I have been using Picasa for several years.  If I am looking at a picture on my computer, chances are good I’m probably using Picasa to do it, especially if it’s a picture from my digital camera.

Above is a picture I took for Buzz.  He has converted all of his overhead transparencies to PowerPoint slides by having me photograph each picture.  Then he creates a slide from each picture in PowerPoint.

The whole process is actually very low tech.  We use a white piece of foam core on Buzz’s desk.  He holds the foam core at an angle so we don’t get a shadow from the lights in the ceiling.  I snap a picture.  Picasa does the rest.

In the Tuning tab of Picasa is a Highlights adjustment.  By cranking this up, all the edges of the paper and shadows go away and leave only the black ink behind.  It’s literally that easy.  I export the picture and it’s finished about ten times faster than a scanner could do.

Now if I could only figure out who this Sherman character is.

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    Interesting, I like the direct, simple approach. Thanks for sharing, good post.

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