My Windows 7 party has started

About a month ago I signed up to host a Windows 7 launch party.  Officially, Microsoft will release Windows 7 on Octobery 22.  Those selected to host a party are suppose to have a party within a week after the launch.  My party will be on October 25.

I received a nice box of goodies today from Microsoft including party favors, balloons, napkins, playing card, a jigsaw puzzle and Windows 7 tote bags.  Most importantly the box also included a Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate.  There were actually two DVDs in the box: 32bit and 64bit.

The instructions said to install Windows 7 right away.  The host needs to be well versed in the new operating system features before the party gets here.  I wasted no time in getting started with the installation.  My Dell Studio 17 is less than six months old and runs Windows Vista Home Premium.  I did something I never do… an upgrade (sorry Paul Thurrot).

The Studio 17 is my main laptop.  It is packed with everything: pictures, video, music, software and all my documents.  A pre-installation scan said there were 930,000 files on the hard drive.  I then received a warning that this could take a few hours.  No big deal.  I had other computers to use while the upgrade progressed.

Before I started, I told Mesh to go offline.  Otherwise I left everything running including Symantec Antivirus.  The upgrade took five hours but worked perfectly!  As soon as everything finished, I logged in and Mesh immediately grabbed all the files I had created while the installation progressed.

I have been using the Beta of Windows 7 for many months.  It has worked well even on my oldest computers.  Now that I’m officially using the production version, it looks great.  This is my first blog post from my upgraded computer.  Plan to see many more.

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