Knight’s Fest 2009

Maria's Knight's Fest Interview

Every year, on the day after Trick or Treat, the local school has Knight’s Fest.  The mascot of the school is the Black Knight and the design and layout of the elementary building is that of a medieval castle.  Knight’s Fest gives each student a chance to dress up in some sort of medieval costume (we see a lot of knights and princesses on Trick or Treat night) and participate in a parade, concert and Knightly games.  Of course the elementary principle is the king and the school secretary is the queen.  Often they ride in a horse drawn carriage during the parade.

Every day the elementary, middle school and high school have video announcements.  With the addition of a TriCaster this year, KnightVision (catchy name) has become an impressive daily broadcast on UStream.

They were onsite during Knight’s Fest and happen to interview Maria (it’s about 13 minutes in).  Notice the text over the lower third in the video.  The whole operation is produced by the students.  They operate the cameras, mix the video in real time adding Creative Commons music and pipe it out to UStream.  There must be a long line to get into the class, because they certainly look like they enjoy what they are doing.

Knight's Fest 2009 (5)

Knight's Fest 2009 (6)

The video class also broadcasts Van Buren sporting events.  Our football games this year have had three cameras mixed down live with scores and other overlays.  Hopefully instant replay review is not in the near future for high school sports.

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  1. zebaod says:

    Cool! I don’t know that there’s such a festival like that in USA at the day of Hallowen. In my country there’s non like that. Maybe this is a good idea to spread accross the

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