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Google Drive File Stream is Magical

In September, Google announced Google Drive App will no longer be supported starting December 11, 2017.  Two different applications are replacing the Google Drive App.  Those apps are “Backup and Sync” and Google Drive File Stream. Backup and Sync is … Continue reading

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One Google Drive To Rule Them All

I was an early adopter of Google Drive.  It was added to my domain the first day it was available, even though I have used, and continue to use other cloud storage solutions.  Microsoft Live Mesh has been my main … Continue reading

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Automatic Backup with FreeFileSync

Several years ago I wrote this post about my daily backup process. I used SyncToy for many years, but after I accumulated several terabytes of data, it was getting too slow. With SyncToy it was taking twelve hours to finish … Continue reading

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Backup Plan

More and more our personal and professional information is stored in digital format.  This is great because we can easily make copies and backups of our information and prevent accidental loss.  The reality of the situation is that many people … Continue reading

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I asked my students how they move files from home to school.  I expected the most common method to be a USB drive, but I was surprised to hear that most still email files. I consider email as a last … Continue reading

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