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Protopage Upgrade

Sometime yesterday Protopage had an upgrade.  Here is what the site looked like before the upgrade. Below is the same page after the upgrade.  Notice how everything is shifted down about half an inch so that the options tab can … Continue reading

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Nemus Sync

The iPod Touch has become my most valuable piece of technology.   Last week I added this gem from Nemustech.  Nemus Sync is a free utility that syncs Google Calendar with the Touch’s built-in calendar.  Syncing works in both directions. You have to jailbreak … Continue reading

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3D Disney on Google Earth

SketchUp has incredible educational potential.  Using free tools available from Google, Disney has added a 3D layer over the entire Disney World property.  Every building, sidewalk and tree has been drawn in detail.  Above is a picture of the haunted house.  … Continue reading

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Google Earth in a browser

Today Google announced that the ever popular Google Earth program can now be incorporated into a browser.  You will need a plugin, but you will not have to install the heavy application. I captured the inserted picture from my browser.  … Continue reading

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I asked my students how they move files from home to school.  I expected the most common method to be a USB drive, but I was surprised to hear that most still email files. I consider email as a last … Continue reading

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